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Changing the text size

If you are finding the text difficult to read at its default size, you can increase the size of the text using the settings in your browser. You can either use the links at the top of the page, the smallest "A" resets the font size, while the other "A" links make the text progressively larger.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Click on the 'View' menu at the top of the screen
  • Go to 'Text Size'
  • Select the size you want ('Medium' is the default)

An alternative method, if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel:

  • Hold down the 'Ctrl' key
  • Move the scroll wheel downward to increase the size of the text, and upward to decrease it
Mozilla Firefox
  • Go to the 'View' menu
  • Select 'Zoom'
  • Use 'Zoom in' or 'Zoom out' to adjust the font to the desired size.
  • Go to the 'Edit' menu
  • Select 'View'
  • Select 'Make Text Bigger' or 'Make Text Smaller' as desired.

Changing the font style

The font used on these pages is 'Arial'. Sans Serif fonts such as this are much easier to read on-screen. If you wish to choose your own font, here's how to do it.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Go to the 'Tools' menu
  • Select 'Internet Options'
  • Click on the 'Accessibility' button (at the bottom of the Internet Options window)
  • Select 'Ignore font styles specified on Web pages'
  • Click 'OK'
  • Click on the 'Fonts' button (at the bottom of the Options window)
  • Select your preferred font in the 'Web page font' list box (the list shows the fonts currently installed on your computer)
  • Click 'OK'
  • Click 'OK' again
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Some of the common abbreviations and acronyms used by the Cleveland Police and the police service are explained in our glossary of terms.

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