Fingerprint Services

Cleveland Police offers a service for people whose fingerprints are required for an overseas visa application or where UK residents require ‘good character’ certificates from abroad.

To make an appointment

To make an appointment to attend the Scientific Support Unit to have your fingerprints taken please contact Cleveland Police on 101 to leave your details for a Scientific Support Officer to ring you back to make an appointment. 

Postcode: TS3 6NJ

Once you have a confirmed appointment you will need to attend North Ormesby Police Office, Kings Road, Middlesbrough, TS3 6NJ.  Appointment times are made between 08:30 - 15:30 Monday to Friday. When you attend your appointment you will need to bring with you;

• A current valid passport or a full UK driving license as proof of identification (photocopies will not be accepted).
• Any documentation that you may have received detailing why a set of fingerprints is required.
• Payment.  A charge of £79.70 plus VAT of £15.94 = £95.64(which includes VAT) is applied to this service.  Cash or cheque only.  Customers are required to make cheques out to Cleveland Police.

USA - When applying for a visa for the USA you must bring the required forms with you.  The US will only accept FBI fingerprint forms which you are required to provide.  The form can be downloaded from their website.  Without this we cannot take your fingerprints.

South Africa – Fingerprints for South Africa must be taken on a specific form. The form is available from the South African Embassy.  Without this we cannot take your fingerprints.

Fingerprint fees are subject to VAT, except certain HMRC exemptions e.g. Japan, UAE/Qater, Canada, Jamiaca, Abu Dhabi, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Zambia and St Vincent & Grenadines.