Reporting a Crime

How to report emergency and non-emergency crimes to the police.


Dial 999 and ask for the Police

An emergency is where:

  • There is risk of injury
  • There is risk of serious damage to property
  • You suspect a crime is in progress
  • It is a serious incident which needs immediate police attendance


Call 101

A non-emergency is where:

  • There is no immediate danger to life
  • The crime is NOT in progress
  • The offender is NOT nearby
  • You have a general enquiry

Local Police Station

You can find your local police station on our Contact Us page or contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team


0800 555 111

Crimestoppers is a national charity in the United Kingdom which works in partnership with the police and the media to help to solve crime. It provides the public with a number to call anonymously with information. Find out more on crimestoppers

Anti-social Behaviour

Anti-Social behaviour contact numbers

You do not have to tolerate anti-social behaviour and can report it to either the local council or Neighbourhood Policing Team by clicking the link above.

Hate Crime

True Vision provides information for victims and the public about what hate crime is, why it is important to report it when it happens, and sets out the range of ways hate crimes can be reported, including via a new online reporting form. Find out more on hate crime

Criminal Content Online

In partnership with police, Government, the internet industry, and international partners, the Internet Watch Foundation works to remove criminal content online and helps to make the internet a safer place for everyone.


Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud reporting centre and the place for you to report fraud and scams, or to get advice if you’re not sure what to do.


0800 789 321

Call 999 if there is an immediate threat to life.  If you have information about possible terrorist activity, call the police anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321 or 101 is a dedicated webpage where you can report online terrorist content you think might be illegal, or which you find offensive, to a specialist police department.