Christian Police Association

The Christian Police Association (CPA) is the longest running police association of any kind

Originally, through its founder Catherine GURNEY in 1883, it was responsible for setting up the national rehabilitation centres for injured police officers and establishing orphanages and schools for the children of officers.  Many officers still make use of the rehabilitation centres today now known as FLINT HOUSE and St ANDREWS.

The Cleveland Branch of the CPA and its members still aim to show this practical care for their colleagues, support one another as their beliefs are tested by the job they perform, and serve their community as Christian police officers and staff.  What follows is a summary of what the CPA stands for and aims to achieve.  A more comprehensive outline of the Mission, Vision and Strategies can be found on the CPA national website.

We aim to:

  1. Encourage and support Christians in the Police Service.
  2. Communicate in words, action and lifestyle, the message and hope of Jesus Christ to the colleagues and community we serve.
  3. To build bridges between the Christian Community and the Police.

What we can do for you as a Church or other Christian Organisation

Provide Officers or Staff to speak at meetings

Subject to availability, we can provide a uniformed or non uniformed Police Officer or Staff member to speak at a meeting about their experience as an officer / staff, and about the work of the CPA.  Meetings attended historically have been Men’s, Women’s, OAP and Children / Youth Club meetings, Sunday Services, Prayer Meetings, Minister’s fraternals, Christian Unions at Schools or Universities, International Students Meetings, Missionary Meetings, Evangelistic Meals & events.

Police and Church Projects

Various recognised projects and initiatives exist where local Christians and Churches can become involved in the work of the Police Service and associated Schemes.  Levels of involvement range from your praying, right through to as many hours as you can give to Neighbourhood Policing Involvement and even uniformed service on the streets!

Although not all these projects are currently running, the possibilities include the ‘Pray 4 Your Police’, ‘Word for Weapons’ and ‘Street Pastors’ initiatives, and national schemes such as  the ‘Special Constable Service’, ‘Action in the Community’ (CoACT) ‘Redeeming our Communities’ and ‘Hope’.  Individual initiatives by local Churches in the force area will also be considered.

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Literature is available at a small cost that presents these projects and other information about the CPA for your literature stands or your personal use.  Examples of literature can be found on the national CPA website.

What we can do for you as a Member or Associate Member of the CPA

• Offer fellowship and networking with other Christians.
• Keep you updated with local and national CPA events.
• Offer advice on ethical issues in areas of work / belief conflict.
• Offer to pray with you or for you in any area of life and work with complete confidentiality.
• Provide you with literature about the CPA and Christian belief for distribution.
• Assist in internal procedures
• Put you in touch with the Street Pastors to offer prayer and mutual support in dealing with incidents.
• Put you in touch with a chaplain if you are using the services.

What we can do for you as a Non-Member of the CPA

• Provide you with information about the Christian Faith and how to become a Christian.
• Offer to pray with you or for you in any area of life and work with complete confidentiality.
• Provide information or personnel to help you support colleagues when facing discrimination.
• Provide information or personnel to assist in any hate crime or confusion over religious issues.
• Put you in touch with a chaplain if you are using the services.

Full details of services available to Members / Associates are available on request

Other Roles of the CPA

• To provide delegates to National CPA meetings and internal Cleveland Police meetings.
• To work with the National CPA in achieving its Mission, Vision and Strategies in Cleveland Police force area.
• To represent the CPA at recruitment events, staff network carousels, open days etc.

Further Information

CoAct Event Report

For further information about the CPA or how to become a member please contact:

Branch Leader: Sgt 371 Brian McCarthy [Tel: 01642 301375]


E-Mail: [email protected]