Code of Ethics

Independent External Ethics Committee

Cleveland Police & Durham Constabulary, together with their respective Police & Crime Commissioners, recognise their commitment to integrity is essential to the legitimacy of policing. We value the public’s trust and confidence in policing, and to earn this we need to be open to scrutiny and transparent and our behaviours, actions and decisions must always consider public interest.
Professional ethics is far wider than just acting with Integrity; it incorporates the requirement to give an account of our judgements, acts and omissions. In simple terms it is not only about doing the right thing but also doing it for the right reason.
We believe our joint Independent External Ethics Committee will be a key contributor to maintaining and improving trust and confidence in the two forces.
The remit of the Committee is to promote the highest standards of ethical conduct, providing a focus for education, a source of support and a measure of compliance with organisational values. The Committee ensures senior leaders are aligned to both their force values, and those of the Code of Ethics, through scrutinising, challenging and advising the organisations in areas such as:

  • Leadership
  • Police culture
  • Complex operational decision making
  • Themes of national significance
  • Strategic influence
  • Development and management of resources and estate

In delivering their remit, the Committee consider both broad thematic issues as well as practical day-to-day matters.
Chief Officers in Cleveland Police & Durham Constabulary are operating in increasingly complex and operationally challenging environments. We are confident the skills and experiences our independent members will bring can enrich the information available to Chief Officers whilst also developing our cultures of openness and transparency for the benefit of the communities we serve.​

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Code of Ethics

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