Sarah's Story

My life as a lesbian woman has been a fascinating journey so far, if my life was a book, my sexuality would be the best part. Although I believe that sexual orientation does not define who I am, it is a significant part of my world, a part that I respect and have pride in.

‘Coming out’ for me was easy, unlike many I knew and I knew my sexuality from such a young age. At the time of my coming out my best friend also discovered her own sexuality and we were able to lean on each other for emotional support.

My support network was nothing but solid, my parents showed me the love and support I needed and it made my life easier, without that, perhaps my story wouldn’t be as happy. A few years after coming out, my sister came out too, only reinforcing my parent’s absolute acceptance of their child being gay, they showed my sister the same love and support as they had shown me, to me, my parents are the very soul of what parents should be.

Life after coming out was an expedition, new experiences, first loves and opened eyes, then I found my place in life, working for an LGBT charity. Working for an LGBT charity is more than fulfilling; touching the lives of LGBT people who need my help is the very core of what I want to achieve in life.

I would like to take my positive experience and hopefully inspire other people to live their life freely the way they would like. Whilst minds are adjusting and social change is happening, the LGBT community are still finding themselves with barriers to face, and working as a LGBT development worker my eyes are opened to social injustice. Whilst I remain positive, my want to ensure that all LGBT people feel valued, have equal rights and are empowered to reach their full potential regardless of background remains paramount.

My story so far has been a one of love, acceptance and freedom, being part of the LGBT community has inspired me and allowed me to find my greatest love in a brilliant woman and also within my work. I truly believe that if you are inspired, you have the potential to inspire others.