Jack's Story

My name is Jack Cummings and I am a 28 year old post-op trans man. I only have one last part of my transition left and that is to obtain my GRC (Gender Recognition Certificate) and then I will no longer consider myself to be a trans man I will just be a man.
It has been a long process to get where I am today and I am very proactive (my job role helps me do this) within the trans community.

I found coming out to be quite empowering as I came out to all my friends and family all at once. I did this via the microphone at Shades night club. I thought it would be easier to come out just once and have done with it, in reality I have had to come out several times in different situations.

I have also been ‘outed’ by people as the token trans guy. Even now I find myself doing projects where I out myself but this is more in an educational way.

I have only recently been involved in a transphobic incident at a local diner in which an individual mocked me in front of her work colleagues. This came about after I was ‘outed’ by another individual. 

On the whole, I have found transitioning to be a positive experience. It has helped me to explore myself in more depth than I ever would have if I had not transitioned. I am finally happy when I look in the mirror, as I see my true self reflected.