Jynx's Story

Where to start.... I guess I’ve always known I was attracted to other guys from a young age but didn’t know I was gay until I was around the age of 12. Most people would have told me I was too young to know what I wanted but I knew different.

I remember telling my friends about my sexuality first and that was a hard enough experience as I lost many of my close friends and found my real ones on that day. School was hell for me as I was the only open gay student in my year at the time and I also got abuse for being accused as a faker as I had an unknown medical condition. When I finally came out to my mother at the age of 13 she was in denial with it and kept insisting I was young and didn’t know what I wanted and thought I was confused.

When I left school my life was starting to get better as it was a fresh start with new friends. I had suffered the abuse of many homophobes hurling abuse at me in the past but I didn’t let that bother me anymore as I had heard it all before. When I did hear a new line of abuse, I laughed because it was original.

My new outlook on the abuse soon changed when my own mother started turning against me and was becoming more controlling. In addition to this I crossed paths with someone who I had attended school with, someone I considered a friend, but he was amongst a gang of people so I held my head down as I knew they carried weapons.

When this old friend of mine realised who I was and noticed I was having a bad day with my condition, he took advantage and beat me up and I didn’t fight back as I knew the whole gang would have joined in and I would have been dead, so I choose the lesser of two evils.
By the time it was over I picked myself up and carried myself most of the way home, until a stranger drove by and gave me a lift, she said she wouldn’t leave her own child like this and dropped me off at home. Luckily my friends and colleagues helped me through the trauma and ironically this happened to me on IDAHO so I held my head up for the day and treated myself as living art.

All of my past experiences and all of my new ones ever since have made me tougher and a little colder on the inside but it hasn’t killed my joy and happy-go-lucky outlook on life. It has just made it grow and better myself so I wouldn’t want anything in my life to change because that’s what made me, me.