What is a SARC?

SARC stands for Sexual Assault Referral Centre

SARC Teesside is a purpose built specifically designed to provide a sensitive and dedicated service that meets the needs of Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault.

The SARC provides 24 hour crisis intervention and support 365 days a year with dedicated specially trained staff who are able to explain and discuss your options with you. SARC staff will provide support and ensure that your needs are met throughout.

You do not need to report to the Police to access our Services.

SARC staff will support you with your needs regardless of whether or not you want to report to the Police.

The staff at SARC Teesside are here to inform you of all possible options available to victims of Rape or Sexual Assault.

They are committed to ensuring you receive the support you need whatever you decide to do.   

Tel: 03333 44 8283 24/7 to speak with a SARC crisis worker

About SARC Teesside

Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) for Teesside, is located in an accessible and convenient site close to major roads and bus routes. SARC Teesside is comfortably furnished and aims to create a relaxing environment where survivors of rape and sexual assault can be supported.

First and foremost SARC Teesside is about offering you choices. After an experience of sexual violence you may be left feeling shocked and confused (see feelings link).

You may not have decided what, if any action you may want to take. The options may seem confusing and difficult (see the options link for further details) SARC Teesside will give you the support and space you need to find the option that’s right for you.

We understand how frightening it can be to have to think about dealing with Police and Courts at this stage when you may not have decided what you want to do.

We can in some cases store evidence on your behalf to give you the time you need to make an informed decision that’s right for you. SARC Teesside is committed to ensuring that you remain in control at all stages- whatever route you chose. 

The centre is fully equipped to meet all of your immediate needs following a sexual assault. We provide a SARC worker to support you throughout your time with us, we have forensic examination rooms so that any examination takes place at the SARC, we offer showering facilities and provide you with new clothing should this be required.

The SARC worker will also conduct a risk and needs assessment to identify any medical and support needs you may have. A care plan can be developed and with your permission referrals can be made to specialist services on your behalf.

You do not have to report to the police to access our service. Tel: 03333 44 8283 24/7 to speak with a SARC crisis worker