Have you experienced rape or sexual assault in the past?

You can still report a rape or sexual assault even if it happened in the past. Many people find it difficult to talk about sexual offences so it is not unusual for there to be a delay between the offence happening and when a report is made.

For some people this may be several years.

If you do decide to report to the police a specialist trained police officer known as a SOLO (Sexual Offence Liaison Officer) will deal with you.

You do not need to report to the police in order to access SARC services. Other options SARC can offer include:

  • A full risk and needs assessment to ensure your current needs are addressed
  • The option of sharing anonymous information for police intelligence purposes
  • Access to counselling and support services

SARC Staff are available 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year: Tel 03333 44 8283