Have you experienced a rape or sexual assault in the last 10 days?

It is your decision whether you want to report what has happened to you to the police or not. You can speak to any of the SARC team to explore your options and make an informed decision based on that discussion.

If you are considering reporting a rape or sexual assault which has just happened the more evidence you preserve, the greater the chance of conviction. It is always worth considering the following points:

If you are in any danger you should ring the police by dialing 999.

  • Try not to shower or bathe – even though this may be your first instinct.
  • Try not to clean your teeth.
  • If possible ring someone you trust and see if they can be with you.
  • Do not change your clothes.  If you do, put everything you were wearing into a plastic bag and keep it somewhere safe.
  • Avoid eating or drinking, especially alcohol. *
  • Don’t comb your hair.
  • Try to avoid going to the toilet until you have been examined.
  • If the rapist used a condom, don’t get rid of it. *
  • Don’t dispose of any sanitary wear you may be using

* The SARC staff can take urine and mouth samples which enables you to have a drink and to use the toilet without concern 

You can still report a rape or sexual assault at a later date, even if you have not done any of the above. If you do decide to report to the police a specialist trained police officer known as a SOLO (Sexual Offence Liaison Officer) will deal with you.

Even If you think you will not be reporting the offence there will be other factors you may wish to consider. Early contact with the SARC can ensure:

  • Medical concerns are addressed as early as possible (some medical interventions following sexual offences are time limited)
  • A full needs and risk assessment can be done to make sure that your immediate needs are addressed
  • Timely referrals are made for example to Sexual Health Screening appointments or counselling services
  • You receive specialist support as early as possible. Receiving help and support soon after the offence can have a positive effect on your recovery
  • You have the option of sharing anonymous information that may be of use to the police

SARC Staff are available 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year: Tel 03333 44 8283