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Camera Enforcement

Camera Enforcement FAQ

  • What do I need to do with the notice of intended prosecution?

    You are obliged as the registered keeper/nominated driver to complete the relevant section on the reverse of the form and return it to the Central Ticket Office. If you have identified yourself as the driver of the vehicle you normally get a conditional offer, which gives you the opportunity to pay the mandatory penalty, or elect to go to court.

    Part 6 must be completed in all cases

  • What happens if I ignore the notice?

    The fixed penalty notice is intended as a quick and simple system to help you resolve the matter without attending court. Failure to respond and provide the requested information will mean your case will be passed to court.
  • Can I have a higher fine and no penalty points?

    No. If you receive a fixed penalty, the fine is set by the government and therefore not negotiable. The penalty set by the government is £60 plus three penalty points. However, in certain circumstances you may qualify for a speed awareness course. After admitting to being the driver and if you are eligible for this course you will be advised accordingly.
  • What if I choose to go to court?

    You have a right to challenge the offence in court. The magistrates will then decide whether to award a fine and penalty points. However, please be aware that the courts have the right to increase any fine or penalty points, in addition to court costs, if you are convicted.
  • What if I don't know who was driving?

    If you are the owner or the nominated person, you have a duty to identify the driver of the vehicle. Failure to provide the information may result in the registered keeper, nominated driver, or company to be taken to court.
  • Will the police really take this offence to court if I ignore this fine?

    It is the duty of the police to bring alleged offences before the courts.
  • What is a conditional offer?

    This gives you the opportunity to settle the matter without having to go to court. The fine £60 and you will also have three points added to your licence.
  • What is the alternative to the fixed penalty system?

    You have the right to challenge the allegation in court. The magistrates will decide upon any fine and penalty points to be awarded. Please note that they have the right to increase the fine and points if they see fit. They will take account of any problems or mitigating circumstances. At the end of the fixed penalty time limit Cleveland Police will automatically schedule the matter to be dealt with by the court in your absence (you do not have to attend court). If you wish to please 'not guilty', a full court hearing will take place and you will be required to attend.
  • My notice arrived more than 14 days after the alleged offence. Shouldn't i have been notified with that time scale?

    No. The notice of Intended Prosecution has to be issued within 14 days of an alleged offense. It is usual in a fixed penalty cases for this to be sent to the registered owner/keeper. If you have received a fixed penalty notice after this time period it is likely to be because you have consequently been named as the driver, new owner or have hired the vehicle or DVLA have not updated the records due to an address change.
  • The vechile was being driven by one of my employees. What do I do next?

    As a responsible employer you have the duty to identify the driver of the vehicle in question. Your company car logs or records should help. Failure to provide this information will result in your company being taken to court.
  • Who decides where the speed enforcement takes place?

    This is decided by a number of bodies - the police and local authorities, and is based on the casualty data and speed surveys.
  • Are my human rights infringed if I respond to this notice?

    The Human Rights Act 1998 does not alter your legal obligation as the registered keeper/driver to return this notice.
  • Isn't this all about raising money?

    No. The aim is to reduce the number of deaths and serious road traffic collisions within the Cleveland Police area. The overall effect of this reduction will be that lives are saved and fewer people will have to suffer from long term injuries and many hours of emergency services time will be saved.
  • I have a clean driving history, is this taken into consideration?

  • I cannot find my driving licence. What should I do?

    You should immediately apply to DVLA Swansea for a replacement/duplicate driving licence (you need application forms D1 and D750 which can be obtained from any main post office, alternatively you can ring DVLA licence enquiries on 0300 7906 801). You will need to produce a current driving licence whether the matter is dealt with by the fixed penalty system or a court hearing.

    If your licence does not arrive within the stipulated time please contact Central Ticket Office.

  • What should I do if my name/address details have changed but my driving licence has not yet been updated?

    You can still send the driving licence to the fixed penalty payment office, together with £60 and the payment form, to avoid exceeding the fixed penalty time limit. When you licence is returned you can then send the licence to the DVLA to have the details changed.
  • Can I produce my card part only?

    No. If you have the new photocard licence, then both the paper part and card part must be produced.
  • Can I take my payment direct to Teesside Magistrates' Court?

    No. There is no counter facility at Teesside Magistrates' Court. All payments must be made by post to the address on the correspondence.
  • Can I make part payments?

    No. Payment can only be made in full.
  • What if I have nine points endorsed on my licence within three years of the date of the offence?

    The matter can only be dealt with at the magistrates courts. You should write to the Central Ticket Office requesting a court hearing and advising them of the situation, enclosing a photocopy of your driving licence. A summons will then be issued giving the time and date of the hearing.
  • How long will the points remain on my licence?

    Penalty points are valid for a period of three years, but cannot be removed from your licence until after four years for insurance purposes.
  • Where can I find information about driving licence endorsements?

    DVLA information booklet D100 is available free at all major post offices. It provides a wide range of information about all aspects of UK driving licences.
  • How soon after returning my admission will I receive further paperwork?

    If you are entitled to a Speed Awareness Course or a Conditional Offer, you should receive further paperwork within 21 days from sending in your admission. If no paperwork is received please contact Central Ticket Office on 101 Monday - Friday between 1pm and 4pm.
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