Ticket Fraud

This year, 4,000 people will miss a gig or sports event because of ticket fraud. Make sure you’re not one of them.

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Getting hold of tickets can be tricky, making it tempting to resort to a private seller or unoffi cial website so you can get to the gig, festival or big game.

But before you give into temptation, check out these statistics* from last year:

  • Over 4,000 people became victims of ticket fraud (and that’s just the ones that were reported to Action Fraud)
  • The average reported loss was £250 per person
  • A third of reported ticket fraud took place in May, June and July
  • 12% of all ticket fraud reports mentioned Facebook

It’s not just losing your money that’s the problem, as if that weren’t bad enough. It’s also the disappointment you’ll feel when you realise – often at the last minute – that you’re not going to get to the event. And that if you’ve bought tickets on behalf of friends or family, that you’re letting them down too.

Your Top Ten for buying tickets safely

Your Top Ten for buying tickets safely
  1. Buy tickets only from the venue box offi ce, sports club, promoter, offi cial agent or reputable fan ticket exchange sites
  2. Never pay individuals or businesses by bank transfer, however desperate you are to get your tickets
  3. Remember that paying by credit card offers greater protection than with other methods
  4. Double check all details of your ticket purchase before confi rming payment
  5. Don’t reply to or click on links in emails and social media posts from sellers you don’t recognise, and don’t open attachments
  6. Before entering payment card details on a website, ensure that the payment page is genuine and secure, and log out when you’ve finished your transaction
  7. Check sellers’ privacy and returns policies
  8. Keep your receipts until after the event
  9. Check your bank statements to make sure you recognise all of the transactions and that the amounts are correct
  10. Make sure your internet security software is up to date and always switched on