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Could you be an abuser?  Are you an abuser?

Cleveland Police take domestic abuse very seriously – and should you commit an offence, you can be arrested – even if your victim doesn’t want you to.

After your arrest you will be taken into police custody, where you be interviewed and possibly charged.

After charge you may be given bail conditions, which could include you being forbidden to return to your victims address.  Other conditions could also be put in place which could have a huge impact on your life, restricting your freedom to move around as you wish, hindering your daily activities.  Should you breech these conditions you could be kept in police custody until your court hearing.

On attending the initial event, officers will collect evidence, to be used at court this may happen even if the victim does not provide a statement. We can also use any previous historical incidents of violence in court.

Cleveland Police will do everything in their power to ensure the best possible case is brought to court.

If you think you may be an abuser and wish to change your ways, YOU CAN GET HELP.  Call the RESPECT helpline on 0808-8024040.