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Advice for victims

Domestic Abuse is never acceptable and Cleveland Police take an extremely serious approach to it. We investigate all reports made to us and make all efforts to bring offenders to justice. We work closely with our partners to try to reduce the number of domestic abuse incidents.

If an argument starts, get out of danger and to a safe place. Try to keep calm. IF you are in danger call 999.

If you live with an abuser, have a support system in place- friends, family or even your doctor. Your abuser may try to cut you off from them.

Talk to people you trust. Consider a pre-prepared code word or signal to let them know that you are in danger.

If you have children in the house and they witness an incident, teach them not to intervene but make sure they know how to call the Police.

Please consider the effect that witnessing long term domestic abuse can have on children. 

If you have decided to leave, make sure you have a place to go. If you need last minute help contact use the support services listed on our site.

Harassment, intimidation and abuse can continue once you have left. Call the Police on 101, your solicitor or in an emergency call 999.

Through the eyes of the child leaflet can be downloaded here