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SARC Teesside

SARC stands for Sexual Assault Referral Centre and there are around 40 SARC's in the UK. The SARC for Teesside is located at North Ormesby Health Village, Middlesbrough but covers the whole of Teesside
The SARC provides 24 hour crisis intervention and support 365 days a year with dedicated specially trained staff who are able to explain and discuss your options with you.

You do not need to report to the Police to access our Services.

SARC staff will provide support and offer an independent victim focussed service to ensure that your needs are met throughout. Options available to victims of Rape or Sexual Assault can include:

  • SARC Support to report
  • Collection of evidence/information without police involvement for those unsure about reporting
  • Sharing of anonymous information for intelligence purposes
  • Referral to specialist services including Sexual Health, mental health, counselling and advocacy services.

SARC staff are committed to ensuring you receive the support you need whatever you decide to do.

Tel: 03333 44 8283 - 24/7 to speak with a SARC crisis worker