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Teen abuse

Teenagers who abuse their girlfriend or boyfriend, do the same things as adults who abuse their partner. An abusive relationship has good and bad times, and part of what makes violence in a relationship so confusing, is the mix of love and abuse. You deserve to be treated in a loving, respectful way at all times by your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are worried about your partners’ behaviour, learn about the warning signs. Abuse is all about power and control.

Abusers tend to try to rush a relationship, getting attached quickly, rushing through the “getting to know you” phase. They may try to isolate you, taking away your support network. To do this they may discourage you from being with family and friends or initiate conflict with them. Abusers can very jealous and may find your relationships with friends, co-workers and even your family threatening to them.

Ask yourself these questions….. does your boyfriend or girlfriend…..

  • Have a history of bad relationships?
  • Do they always blame others for their problems?
  • Blame you for making them treat you badly?
  • Try to use drugs/alcohol to get you alone?
  • Try to control you by being bossy?
  • Tell you what to wear or what not to wear?
  • Control who you are friends with?
  • Pressure you into unprotected sex?
  • Constantly text or call you to find out where you are, who you are with? You may think this is caring, but in reality it’s about controlling your relationship.