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Tees Valley Women's Centre

Tees Valley women’s Centre is the only “women only” space in the Tees Valley Area, providing a holistic approach to all women’s issues.  Any woman attending the centre can be assured of a no labelling, non judgemental approach with support from start to finish.

Should a women be experiencing D.V. and approach the centre for support, she would get an immediate response in as much that she would be listened to, given advice as to her options and whatever her decision, be it refuge, mediation, etc  would be seen through from start to finish.  Support is open ended, women move on and may not be in contact for some years, but is always welcome back into the centre  when they feel the need of assistance/education/qualifications.

TVWC also provides the Freedom programme in partnership with EVA which enables women to identify signs and symptoms of D.V.  We have a Family Law Solicitor, who holds a monthly surgery in the centre, free of charge for women.  Many women are afraid of the cost of a restraining order/injunction due to no legal aid, can be assured of assistance.  TVWC works to educate and empower women in all aspects of their lives.