How secure is your Garage?

Garages are designed to store cars in (statistically people who garage their car overnight are less likely to be victims of autocrime or garage burglary!) but are often used for storage. Whether it’s motorbikes, mountain bikes, mowers, trowels or toys  - they often contain hundreds or even thousands of pounds of valuable goods.

So we need to protect them.

Up and Over Doors are easily forced so you must fit additional locks. There are various locks available but always look for the Sold Secure sign or Secured By Design - which guarantees a quality product.

Garage defenders fit to the base of the garage base and are secured by padlock.

Garage Guardian fits either side of the door. Both are quality products.

Side doors should have two quality locks and you should consider securing valuable items inside your garage  (fitting a ground anchor and chain for your motorbike or locking your mountain bikes to the wall).  Ideally, you should also have an alarm or extend your house alarm into the garage.

Let’s Keep Crime Down!