Operation Raptor Retail Crime

Cleveland Police has been working closely with retailers across the force area to implement a new way of tackling retail crime that encourages retailers to work in partnership to prevent, deter and disrupt shoplifting offences.

Consultation with stores began some time ago and Cleveland Police has provided information to retailers on how to prevent, deter and disrupt retail crime through the North East Retail Crime Partnership and the Retail Crime Consultancy Forum, alongside visits to smaller stores and provision of information and literature to support this initiative.

All calls received in relation to retail crime will be assessed and a proportionate response provided based on the level of threat, risk and harm to the retailer, their staff and the public. Where it is clear that there could be any threat to staff or members of the public, or where a persistent offender is involved, then police officers will attend. On other occasions the retailer may be advised to undertake alternative techniques and methods to address the incident.

We have reassured retailers that there is no change to the way we will record retail crimes and are encouraging retailers to report incidents in the usual way.

Cleveland Police remains committed to protecting the public from harm and making our communities stronger, and it is therefore more important than ever that we use our finite resources to deal with the greatest vulnerabilities in our communities and support organisations to prevent and deter crime such as shoplifting in a different way from the past.

This approach is part of a series of measures being taken by Cleveland Police to ensure we are able to respond to the changing types of crime including child sexual exploitation, human trafficking and online crime, where some of the greatest harm to our communities can be caused.

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