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Guides on protecting small businesses from fraud

fraud guides

Introduction to fraud detection (41kb)

Fraud detection should form part of an organisation’s overall anti-fraud strategy to identify and stop new or historical fraud at the earliest opportunity. Effective fraud detection saves moneyand protects businesses and their employees, shareholders and customers.

Pre-employment Screening (70kb)

It is estimated that almost one in seven CVs contain some form of discrepancy – most commonly dates of employment, academic and professional qualifications and undisclosed directorships. Pre-employment screening can help your organisation to identify undesirable individuals, who may be dishonest or susceptible to committing fraud, before they join.

E-Crime (396kb)

How your business can combat e-crime.

Insider Fraud (494kb)

How your business can combat insider fraud

Card not present fraud (565kb)

How your business can combat card not present fraud