Missing Persons

A Missing Person is anyone whose whereabouts are unknown, whatever the circumstances of disappearance. They will be considered missing until located and their well-being or otherwise established.

Missing Persons

What do I do if someone goes missing?

If you are concerned about someone you believe has gone missing then ring the police on 01642 326326.

The police take all reports of persons reported missing very seriously.

What will the police do?

An officer will take full details of the missing person, including their description, clothing worn, circumstances of disappearance and when they were last seen and by whom.

If you have a recent photograph of the person this will be an invaluable aid.

The police will commence enquiries with other statutory and voluntary agencies as well as friends, family and associates. Often the media can be vital in tracing a missing person both locally and nationally.

What should I do if I am reported missing?

If you believe that you have been reported missing from home then please call Cleveland Police on 01642 326326. We will arrange to meet you to check that you are safe and well.
If you are an adult and have no special needs then we will tell the person who reported you missing that you are safe and well. We will not disclose your whereabouts unless you want us to.