Operation Pandect – FOI Publication Strategy

Cleveland Police is involved in an on-going investigation called Operation Pandect into three historic murders. The Force has set up a publication strategy specifically for Freedom of Information requests relating to this Operation.
It is intended that documentation relating to this operation will be published when the investigations are fully completed and therefore an exemption under Section 22 of the Freedom of Information Act will apply to any requests for information on this subject.  It is not possible at this time to state when this is expected to be.

The publication strategy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains appropriate and fit for purpose and any updates that can be shared with the public will be published on the website.

Types of information    Publication strategy timeline
Information about the three historic investigations At the conclusion of the investigation, and of any subsequent criminal legal process that may follow.
Details of expenditure for the three investigations.  At the conclusion of the investigation and of any subsequent criminal legal process that may follow.

The publication strategy will relate solely to information held by Cleveland Police.