Policies and Procedures

A case-by-case review of procedures will be undertaken to protect law enforcement and health and safety considerations

The conduct of police Force business, the provision of policing services, recruitment and employment of staff

Records management and personal data policies

Copy of Code of Practice

Customer service standards and complaint procedure

Charging regime and policies

  • Registration of foreign nationals £34 per new certificate/registration (Standard fee governed by Home office, administered by Special Branch and banked)
  • Firearms Administration/Licensing
New applications - £50 (valid for 5 years)
Renewal – £40 (valid for 5 years)
Variations - £26
Visitors permits - £12 (from another county)
Dealers - £150 (Every 3 years)
  • Contractor Vetting - £30 NPPV1 check (non police personnel vetting 1) or £70 NPPV2 check
  • Pedlars certificates