What We Spend and How We Spend It

All of the below may be subject to exemption/redaction to protect commercial and law enforcement interests where appropriate

Statement of Accounts

Force Budget

Total Force Budget

Expenditure Details

Expenditure over £500 (breakdown by month)

Procurement procedures

Details of contracts currently being tendered

Any contracts for tender that the Force advertises can be found at:

Contracts which value exceeds £10,000

Contract Information (bottom of the page)

Expenses paid to Chief Officers and Senior Police Staff

Pay and Grading Structure

Police Officers

Policing Pay Bands

Police Staff

  • All police staff jobs are currently subject to job evaluation. Once complete salaries will be published here.

Evaluation of police use of resources

Support for the provision of PSCO's

  • PCSO's are funded through the police grant only.

Financial regulations

  • Corporate Governance Framework 2015-16