Media enquiries

The Cleveland Police press office handles media enquiries from journalists and freelancers working for recognised media outlets and is open Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays, from 9am to 5pm.
Press office telephone numbers:

• 01642 301244
• 01642 301287
• 01642 301254
• 01642 301789
• 01642 301244
• 01642 301406

[email protected]

Email enquiries will be answered at the earliest opportunity during office hours

Guidance on media enquiries

Please be aware that due to the high level of media enquiries received on a daily basis the press office requires a basic level of information to answer media enquiries. The press office requires the following information before any geographically centred enquiry can be progressed:

• Road name / specific location details
• Date
• Time
• Nature of the incident

The press office, due to demand and the need to prioritise media enquiries, is unable to progress non-incident specific requests, of a ‘why was a police car driving down the street earlier today’ nature.

Cleveland Police Control Room

The Cleveland Police Control Room does not reply to media enquiries as members of staff are engaged with directly helping the public via the 101 and 999 numbers. However, during major or critical incidents outside office hours, the Force will proactively engage with the media through an on-call press service

Media policies

We have adopted the College of Policing’s Authorised Professional Practice (APP), which is designed to assist those working in police forces who engage with the media.