Stockton Charity Group aid Vulnerable Victims

Cleveland Police’s VEMT (vulnerable, exploited, missing or trafficked) team have been working with a Stockton Charity who are supplying the team with emergency provisions bags to help victims of trafficking.

1 The Stockton Soroptimists group are providing the bags containing emergency supplies of toiletries and clothing to aid the victims until further assistance can be provided.

Detective Inspector Chris Stone said: “Thanks to the Soroptimists, we are able to offer clean clothing and enough supplies to provide early assistance to vulnerable victims of trafficking.

“It is of immense value and will help victims begin the process of moving on from what they have left behind.”

The VEMT team was established in June 2016 and has brought many investigations to court resulting in convictions for various offences.

The team work at local, regional, national and even international level, the team of detectives, problem solving officers and sergeants work tirelessly to uncover and protect those who have been exploited. 

They also operate in cyberspace too – to safeguard the increasing numbers of children and young people being groomed or exploited over the internet. 
A website for the charity is below.

Photo caption: (From left) VEMT Sergeant Kev Carter, Caroline and Julie from The Stockton Soroptimists group and VEMT Constable Paul West