Operations Carried Out by Special Constabulary as National Specials Weekend Takes Place

Special Constables will be taking part in operations across Cleveland as part of National Specials Weekend (Friday 2nd June – Sunday 4th June).

The Special Constabulary is a group of trained volunteers who work alongside and in support of local police, with the same powers in law as regular police officers, including powers of arrest.

Members of the Special Constabulary come from all backgrounds and have many careers alongside their commitment to volunteer a minimum of four hours a week to Cleveland Police.

National Specials Weekend, organised to promote the work of the Special Constabulary within local communities, runs between Friday 2nd June and Sunday 4th June.

This weekend the special constables will take part in Operation Impact, an operation targeting antisocial behaviour, as well as assisting with the arrest of offenders wanted on warrant in connection with offences such as breach of bail, and checks on drivers as part of the summer drink and drug driving campaign.

Assistant Chief Constable Jason Harwin, said: “The Special Constabulary has a significant role within policing. Special constables give up their free time to help protect our local communities and they often coordinate operations on behalf of the Force.

“I was a special constable at Derbyshire Police for almost two years. I always wanted to be a police officer and joining the Special Constabulary gave me a fantastic insight into policing as well as giving something back as a volunteer.

“This weekend the special constables will be involved in a number of operations that will compliment and support our regular police officers. They are valued members of our team and their commitment to their role is very humbling.”

David Robinson, Cleveland Police Special Constabulary Chief Officer, said: “National Specials Weekend is a celebration of the important contribution to policing that is provided by the Special Constabulary. The dedication shown by the Special Constables is inspiring and the service they provide is invaluable.

“Those people wanting to follow the work of the Special Constabulary on social media can do so by liking the Cleveland Police Special Constabulary page on Facebook or on Twitter by following @CPSpecials.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland, Barry Coppinger, said: “Every day Special Constables make a valuable contribution to policing, which benefits both the police service as a whole and local communities.

“Their contributions to policing are very much appreciated and they are valued members of the policing team across Cleveland.”