Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Officers ‘Adopt a Post Office’

Middlesbrough has become the second local policing area in Cleveland to launch the ‘Adopt a Post Office’ scheme.

The neighbourhood team have followed in the footsteps of police in Thornaby, who launched the scheme in the town earlier this year. Middlesbrough officers have partnered with the Post Office within WH Smiths in the Cleveland Centre.

Officers will be at the post office at 11am on Saturday 12th August and will be working with their staff and making use of the facility to advertise police events in the local community.

There will be monthly drop-ins after this to allow neighbourhood officers to build a good relationship and develop a partnership with the branch, ensuring that both parties get the maximum benefit from the scheme.

An increased police presence at the post office will also serve to reassure both local businesses as well as the public.

Sergeant Tom Sewell, from Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the customers of the post office and members of the public to come along to speak with neighbourhood officers to discuss key safety messages.

“Post offices are great establishments for us to partner up with as they are used by members of our local community on a regular basis so it’s a great place for officers to speak to people.”

Post Office Head of Security Operations Mark Raymond said: “We are always looking to create new partnerships with the police which will benefit not just our two organisations, but the community as a whole.

“The Post Office remains at the heart of communities up and down the country, and we are happy to provide locations in Cleveland for the police to utilise, in terms of liaising with customers and conveying key security messages.”