Crime Prevention Team Launch ‘Lights Against Crime’ Campaign to Deter Burglars

Cleveland Police Crime Prevention Team has launched a campaign to encourage members of the public to keep their homes illuminated.

The annual ‘Lights Against Crime’ campaign raises awareness of making homes look occupied even when they’re not, to deter burglars from targeting them. Crime prevention measures include using lights on timer switches and dusk ‘til dawn lighting outside homes for consistent light.

Inspector Phil Morris, from the Communities and Partnerships Team, said: “At this time of the year, when it is getting dark as people are getting home from work, it is important to keep homes looking occupied to deter burglars.

“Criminals prefer the cover of darkness to commit their crimes as it can conceal their activity and identity so leaving a light on could prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.

“It’s not necessary to have too many lights on, a simple light left on upstairs or in a back room where it won’t be clear that no one is home and what valuables are there would suffice. Timer switches mean that you don’t have to be home for the lights to come on.”

Burglaries across Cleveland tend to increase during the winter months as the dark nights draw in. Recent figures show that to date, there have been 158 dwelling burglaries this month (1st-22nd October).

Almost half of burglaries across Cleveland are insecure, meaning it is vital to lock windows and doors to help prevent a burglary.