More Than 50 Uninsured Vehicles Seized During Campaign

More than 50 uninsured vehicles were seized during a week-long crackdown on vehicles being used on roads without insurance.

The national campaign, led by the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), took place from Monday 16th October to Sunday 22nd October across Cleveland and Durham.

Officers from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit (CDSOU) took part in Operation Drive Insured and seized 54 uninsured vehicles, found three drivers to be under the influence of drink or drugs and recovered one stolen vehicle.

Other offences detected as a result of the campaign included two drivers contravening red lights, four drivers using their mobile phones at the wheel, five vehicles with no MOT, three speeding drivers, two drivers without a licence and two motorists not wearing seatbelts.

Police stopped a further 22 vehicles which had no insurance due to administration errors whereby drivers had not checked that the registration number on their insurance documents matched that displayed on their vehicle or that a private vehicle registration plate was not correctly recorded by the drivers insurance company. This resulted in 22 drivers being stopped at the roadside and delayed on their journey whilst the offence was investigated.

Inspector Harry Simpson, from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: “We are happy to support this operation, which aims to highlight the devastating impact of uninsured driving on our roads.

“The success of the operation shows that it is relevant and needs to be undertaken. We have now taken 54 uninsured vehicles off the road, these are vehicles which could have been involved in serious collisions.

“I would like to ask motorists to double check all insurance documents when swapping to a new policy, as a common theme we have seen throughout this campaign has been administration errors.

“Nationally, there have been around 130 people killed and over 29,000 injured each year by uninsured and ‘hit and run’ drivers.”