Officers take to the streets to reassure Stockton residents

‘Enough is enough’ is the crystal clear message from police after a series of violent acts in the Stockton area over recent weeks.

Additional officers will continue to patrol areas of the town over the weekend to offer reassurance and make it absolutely clear to those involved that such reckless criminality will not be tolerated.

At just after 1pm on Wednesday 9th May a car was parked outside the Post Office on Londonderry Road in Stockton with three people inside. While it was parked, a motorbike pulled alongside with two people on it. One of the people on the bike produced what is thought to have been a shot gun and fired a single shot into the side door of the car, denting it but otherwise causing no harm. The bike was then ridden away. Subsequently, a man was arrested in relation to this and is currently on bail.

Stockton Neighbourhood Chief Inspector Marc Anderson said: “We are now a few days on from the event on Londonderry Road and since then we have had constant patrols in the area to support our colleagues investigating the attacks and also to offer reassurance to local people. We believe that all those involved are known to each other and we are taking robust measures in order to bring responsible individuals to justice. This has been evidenced by the police activity that has already taken place within the community and arrests made.”

Police believe the shooting on Londonderry Road is linked to a number of earlier events which officers have been investigating. At 2.20am on Thursday 26th April a car was driven into a house on Somerset Road in Norton. No one was harmed. At 2.23am the same day the door of a house on Wylam Road was damaged, most likely by a single shot from a shotgun. Again, no one was hurt.

Four people, a man and three women, were initially arrested in relation to events on Thursday 26th April and are currently on bail while investigations continue. Six men from the Stockton area were also arrested, on Friday 27th, in Scarborough in connection with these events and then bailed.

Chief Inspector Anderson continued: “Stockton is a proud community and such incidents are rare. They are also clearly unacceptable. Anyone with any information which can help us identify and locate those involved and bring an end to these incidents is encouraged to contact police.”