Students to Participate in Road Safety Initiative for a Second Year

Students are being invited to a road safety initiative aimed at driving down road deaths for the second year running in Cleveland.

The initiative, which was launched in Cleveland in 2017, saw year 10 students from across the area coming together at the Riverside Stadium to receive educational messages on subjects such as the importance of wearing seatbelts, the dangers of being impaired through alcohol and drugs, the consequences of antisocial driving, injury and resuscitation and being distracted at the wheel.

The interactive event itself has already been running in the Durham area for a number of years and features a driving simulator and a number of workshops based on the ‘fatal four’ major factors in fatal or serious road traffic collisions.

188 young people aged 14-24 were fatally or seriously injured on roads across Cleveland between 2013 and 2017. 

Eleven secondary schools have already signed up to take part in the event this year, which will be held at Stockton Riverside College.

Inspector Jon Curtis, from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Unit, said: “This event is designed to educate young road users on road safety.

“It is hoped that by focussing on some of the major factors that can cause serious or potentially fatal collisions, we can help keep people safe.

“Young people feature disproportionately in road death statistics so our aim is to help save as many lives as we possibly can.” 

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland, Barry Coppinger, said: “I would encourage as many schools as possible to get involved in this event. There are some really important road safety messages being put across which ultimately could help save lives on roads across Cleveland.”

The event is being held on Wednesday 27th June led by Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit with support from Cleveland Fire Brigade, local authorities and the North East Ambulance Service.