Women Recognised after Helping Officer Detain Violent Suspect

Two women who threw themselves in harm’s way to help police stop a violent suspect have had their bravery recognised.

1 Marie Warren and Elizabeth White came across PC Liam Sewell struggling to detain a violent suspect who had tried to get away on an off-road bike in Middlesbrough.

In an attempt to stop the man from getting away, PC Sewell used pepper spray to try to incapacitate him and he was then able to get him onto the floor.

With no thought for their own safety, Marie and Elizabeth came to the officer’s assistance and together they were able to restrain him until more officers arrived on the scene.

The suspect has now pleaded guilty to various offences at court.

PC Liam Sewell said: “I was really grateful that Marie and Elizabeth stopped to help detain the suspect. Without any regard for their own safety they were able to help me detain the man and if it were not for them then he may potentially have got away.”

Both women were presented with a Chief Constable’s Brave Citizen’s Award at a ceremony held at the Riverside Stadium on Friday 16th November.

Photo top right - Marie Warren (left) with PC Liam Sewell and Elizabeth White (right).

PCC Barry Coppinger with Elizabeth White and Chief Constable Mike Veale

PCC Barry Coppinger with Marie Warren and Chief Constable Mike Veale