Officers Injured during Arrest of Violent Suspect are Commended

Two officers who suffered injuries on duty whilst detaining a violent suspect have been commended.

PC Mark Sykes and Acting Sergeant Andy Wellens approached two suspects, a man and a woman, with the intention of speaking to them about a number of burglaries whereby vulnerable victims had been targeted the previous evening. As the officers tried to speak to them, they made off, but were closely pursued.

Acting Sergeant Wellens was struggling with the male suspect on the floor when PC Sykes came to assist him. As the officers struggled with the male, Acting Sergeant Wellens was assaulted and as PC Sykes restrained him he was bitten on his leg by the suspect.
PC Sykes was able to strike the male to subdue him which allowed the officers to arrest him, despite the assaults.

The investigation led to stolen property being recovered and several people being charged. The suspect received a 40 month prison sentence for a number of offences.

PC Sykes was only two months away from retirement when this incident left him with hand fractures which prevented him from achieving a personal goal of completing his entire career as a frontline response officer.
Acting Sergeant Andy Wellens said: “No officer expects to go to work and be assaulted, however, sometimes it does unfortunately happen and we have to try to deal with it as best we can and carry on.

“I was pleased that the suspect was subsequently charged and that we were able to recover some of the stolen property to return to vulnerable victims.”

Former PC Mark Sykes said: “Sergeant Wellens and I were first on scene and had to deal with the male. Our colleagues arrived shortly after, which resulted in others being arrested and property being recovered. It was a great team effort with a cracking result."

Acting Sergeant Andy Wellens with Chief Constable Mike Veale

PC Mark Sykes with Chief Constable Mike Veale