Cleveland and North Yorkshire Special Constables Join Forces for Operation Basingstoke

On Saturday 8th December, Special Constables from Cleveland and North Yorkshire joined Forces for Operation Basingstoke to tackle road safety.

1 Vehicles were stopped at two roadside checkpoints on the A172 near to Stokesley and the A67 near Kirklevington.

Five vehicles were seized for no insurance or tax, tickets were issued for a lack of MOT or an illegal registration and 14 drivers were breathalysed.

Special Chief Inspector James Ruddock from Cleveland Police said: “Our collaboration with North Yorkshire Special Constables was really productive with lots of positive results.

“Thankfully we made no arrests for drink drivers but we did pull a driver over at 3pm who did have a small trace of alcohol in his system from the night before. If he had been breathalysed earlier in the day he probably would have been over the limit which should come as a warning to others about driving after a night of drinking as alcohol will still be in your system.

“Officers from both Forces who participated in the operation are committed to helping to keep our communities safe and we will continue to work together on numerous operations throughout the year.”

Special Inspector Phil Brette of North Yorkshire Police added: “Road safety forms an integral part of policing. The checkpoints allowed officers to deal with drivers who were committing traffic offences and vehicles that were in an unkempt state.

“These operations are not only about persecution but to also educate and ensure that everyone is driving legally. I would like to thank everyone for their support who saw us carrying out the operation and the patience they showed whilst we were dealing with road related offences”. 

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