Respect for victims and complainants

Cleveland Police has released a statement concerning the Mike Veale IOPC investigation requesting people respect the complainants privacy.

Deputy Chief Constable Helen McMillan said: “Victims are at the heart of everything we do. This is just as true of those who speak out against wrongdoing within Cleveland Police as it is of victims of crime in our communities.

“A lot has been said in the media of the complaints made against former Chief Constable Mike Veale. He is a national figure and one who has had a high media profile so this is to be expected. However, the complainants in this case seem to have been lost in the blur of news print. They have rights and this must be remembered.

“As we have a legal duty to victims of crime, so we have a legal and moral duty to those individuals who have spoken out in this case. They do not want to be identified, they do not want to speak to the media and they do not want to be subject to gossip and speculation.

“Our duty is clear and we will protect these individuals. They have a legal right to protection and this must be respected. We have already seen journalists on doorsteps and speculation in the media. This must stop; for the sake of these individuals and in the interests of justice.”