133 Drivers a Day Found Speeding across Cleveland and Durham

A campaign to tackle speeding motorists found 133 drivers speeding per day across Cleveland and Durham.

Over the course of a seven-day national speed campaign plus another seven days of action taken by Cleveland Police and Durham Police in January, a total of 1864 drivers were found to be speeding.

538 of those drivers were travelling over the limit in a 20mph zone.

The campaign took place as new legislation was introduced across Cleveland and Durham, meaning that the ‘obstructing a police constable’ law will also apply to civilian speed camera operators as part of the Police Reform Act.

Inspector Jon Curtis, from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: “The results of the campaign are disappointing as we are still seeing a high number of speeding drivers taking risks with their lives and the lives of other innocent road users.

“There are, however, the law-abiding majority of road users who were not found to be speeding and for that I would like to thank them.

“Speeding costs lives on roads up and down the country every day and the results of this campaign show that we have more work to do to educate the motorists who think it is acceptable behaviour.

“Our message is that speeding will not be tolerated and this campaign has demonstrated that our continued action is essential for helping to keep people as safe as we possibly can.”