Phoenix rises over Teesside

Cleveland Police has launched a major campaign to prevent crime, protect communities and tackle serious violence.

Operation Phoenix Operation Phoenix will see an improved public service from Cleveland Police, more help for vulnerable people – such as those suffering domestic abuse – and more officers tackling serious violence.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Graham said: “The summer is traditionally a time of increased demand for the police service and Operation Phoenix is being put in place to manage that demand directly through increased protection for vulnerable people and a focussed approached to tackling serious and organised crime.

“We’re doing this in two ways; by changing the way we work and by freeing up resources to support the work of our front line officers and staff. We are focussing over the next three months in a number of key areas and we are committed to delivering improvements over the summer, improvements communities rightly deserve and which will have a lasting effect.”

Op Phoenix will evolve over the summer as new, and more effective, ways of working are implemented and new initiatives are brought on line.

Additional ‘domestic abuse’ cars will become operational from Thursday 18th July and will be staffed by officers working additional hours. These cars will enhance the response to victims of domestic abuse on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – traditionally peak times for such offences. 

From Monday 15th July Crime Prevention officers will be on hand in town centres to offer advice and support to the public – face to face – every weekday for the next three months. 

Additional resources will also be focused on apprehending suspects wanted for crimes, on prison recalls or for breaches of bail.

Proactive operations will be conducted over the course of the summer, supported by additional resources, to disrupt organised crime, target criminals and raid homes and businesses connected to crime.

ACC Graham continued: “This is part of our wider drive to deliver outstanding policing for our communities by relentlessly focusing on protecting people, solving problems and tackling criminals.”