A Rocket Launcher, Air Pistols and Shot Guns Amongst Items Handed in for Firearms Surrender

An array of firearms including air pistols, shotguns, replica firearms, ammunition, AK-47s and a single use rocket launcher (which is no longer active) were handed in to Cleveland Police during a recent surrender.

Firearms Amnesty The national initiative began on Saturday 20th July for two weeks with Forces across the UK taking part.

Around 15 firearms and ammunition were handed in to the Force and throughout this period, people surrendering firearms were told they would not face prosecution for the illegal possession of the firearm at the point of surrender to police and they could remain anonymous. However, the history of each live weapon is being checked for any evidence of its use in crime, they will then be safely destroyed.

Inspector Mark Pitt, who co-ordinated the campaign in Cleveland said: “In Cleveland, we do not have a significant issue with gun crime, however, it is a priority of ours to work with our community to reduce firearms vulnerability further.

“The surrender offers people the chance to hand in firearms and ammunition safely, which may have been overlooked or forgotten about. I would finally like to thank the members of the public who took the time to bring their items in to be destroyed.”

T/ Chief Superintendent Alison Jackson added: “People often come into the possession of a firearm, whilst cleaning out a relative’s home or as a result of career choices.

“Keeping firearms for sentimental reasons rather than handing them in could seriously endanger someone’s life if they are stolen as they could potentially fall into the hands of people with criminal intent.

“A firearms surrender is a great opportunity to hand in unwanted and unlicensed weapons but they can also be handed in to police stations at any time in the knowledge that they will be disposed of in a safe manner. 

“Keeping people safe is a priority for Cleveland Police and you can help by surrendering weapons that could be used to inflict fear or harm in our communities.”