Did you know that carrying a knife is illegal and could land you in prison for up to 4 years?

Cleveland doesn’t have the same levels of knife crime as big cities. Even so, we’re keen to wipe out any knife crime that does happen.

Some people carry knives or other bladed weapons to scare people or commit crime. Other people carry knives for self defence and so they feel protected but those who do this run the risk of having that knife turned on them.  

Whether you carry a knife to commit crime or to make you feel safe it’s illegal to carry a knife on the streets, with a blade longer than three inches.  The police have powers to stop and search for knives and offensive weapons, in certain circumstances.  Each year police officers across the county arrest around 300 people for this offence. 

The government is currently looking at the laws for offensive weapons and in particular knife crime.  The proposals include raising the age at which people can legally buy knives from 16 to 18 and giving teachers power to search pupils for knives when they’re at school.

If you know someone who carries a weapon and is involved in knife crime you can report it anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800555111

Or go to the Crimestoppers website